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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  August 16, 2009 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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i will see you back here tomorrow. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> mike: thank you. thank you very much and welcome. welcome to the "huckabee" from the fox studios in new york city. tonight, show i missed work was as close to the late pharaoh fossett as anyone and she will talk about how friendship and faith brought them even closer during her struggle with cancer connect to florida school officials might end up in jail
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for printing. i'm not kidding. dirty counsel member matt strayer will tell us why. >> he conquered the world at 17, zach sutherland, the youngest person to sail around the globe and with solo is here to tell us about his amazing journey through academic guitarist james burton jams with evil rockers this is on our show and you have a great time and thank you for joining us areas. [ applause ] >> last week president obama said i didn't have to worry about a government health care plan and private carriers out of business, and he said that fedex and ups, or private companies, are profitable, and the post office wasn't. now doesn't that seem like a good reason to not let government take over healthcare is to mark up my word for it, take a look at what the daily show's jon stewart had to say. >> this is a town hall meeting isn't there a simple way to explain that government programs can work pretty well yet not
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threaten the solvency of private companies they are competing against. >> people say how can a private company compete against the government? if you think about it, ups and fedex are doing just fine. right? no, there are. it is the post office that's always having problems. >> not a really good lead for government run healthcare is what i'm saying. next time i would try something like the post office is great but that doesn't mean there isn't room for that exact ups of course i'm not the most gifted orator of our times. >> mike: when hurricane katrina struck the gulf coast back in 2005, the government couldn't get people off their roofs or the interstate bridges for over four days. they could even get a bottle of water to them, and they want me to trust them to take over healthcare west and mark of the government was struggling to get organized, a private company, all marked, was getting supplies to the victims even delivering equipment to the scene.
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that's when it hit me. maybe we ought to let wal-mart run healthcare. i made they are still showing a profit even in a recession, and the government is racking up trillions in debt and has little to show for it or it at wal-mart is pretty good at keeping prices low by giving consumers what they want and then standing behind this out. and if the lines get long to just open up more lines to keep customers from waiting. so what about letting wal-mart fix healthcare instead of leaving washington will do it? short lines, low prices, wide right of services, outlets available everywhere and mostly open 24 hours a day. now, i admit it might be unsettling to hear a store announcement that when dr. jones is finished assisting a customer with a hammer decision in hardware is her from a tracheotomy and four. but healthcare would be affordable and accessible. i love wal-mart, after all they're headquartered in my home
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state i'm not suggesting that you run the entire healthcare industry. if there were between wal-mart and washington, i would pick wal-mart. i know i've gotten better bargains for my money there if i don't like something i just take it back for a full refund. i sure would like a running back guarantee for my tax dollars from the government that's not happening. until they demonstrate they can deliver water bottles to stranded people, i don't think i want them to study how to deliver a beast. [ applause ] >> mike: that's my view that welcome yours. you can contact click on the "fox news" feedback section. >> i know many of you have been watching with great interest, house speaker nancy pelosi, she has even call people who go to town hall meetings, un-american, and said that these disruptions are a horrible thing that shouldn't be happening. you know, i want to show you what nancy pelosi had to say about people going to town hall
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meetings stressing themselves about the healthcare bill. >> mike: she and steny hoyer wrote an editorial this week in usa today three critical of people who are speaking out but it's interesting, back in 2006, the same woman, nancy pelosi, had a totally different view at a meeting that was disrupted some antiwar protesters were protesting george w. bush. let's watch that clip. >> from a close with this on the democrats and how we see ourselves and how i hope you're hopeful. when franklin roosevelt died in a drug great inspiration to me because they would disrupt her and i'm a fan of disruptors, people who make change.
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>> mike: amazing, isn't it? same amount completely different view of disruptions. it's okay if they are disrupting president which. it is not okay if they are disrupting president obama. you come up with the hypocrisy on that one. last week during our healthcare special guest you to send questions about the proposed health-care reform bill and would you do ever. we received thousands of e-mails in response. which right answers as we could on last week's show but couldn't get to all of them. the e-mails with your concern have continued to pour in. i will try to take a few more today and cover some areas you asked about the most. the heaviest volume of e-mails were on tort reform. this question comes from alan in raleigh, north carolina. he set up one of the goals of the healthcare plan is to reduce cost, why is there no tort reform included in the bill? great question, alan. the reason is because the trial
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lawyers have helped write the darn thing. $30 billion of healthcare costs all deal with the legal aspects of doctors having to pay ethical practice to defend themselves against for less lawsuits. i will believe washington is serious about health care reform when they get serious about frivolous lawsuit reform. we also got questions about whether our tax dollars would fund abortions under the proposed plan. patricia from the time i asked how do they justify covering abortions? the sad truth is also written as they'll think it's your responsibility to pay for them. once we decide life is disposable if there is no end to the complete disruption of human life. but we get this from jerry from arkansas. he writes, or online at find a self built to do for myself? jerry, if you have a lot of time and don't mind getting real sleepy, go to my website, i, click on the "fox
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news" effects section. when the whole list of things, that's one of them, the senate bill, the house bills, how to contact your numbers, you can read the entire thing all 1000 pages. happy reading, jerry. it'll be fun. this is a question we got from many of you including loretta from illinois. either stand this plan will cover illegal aliens. why? they are here illegally. but here the number 47 million uninsured americans that number includes 12 million people who are here illegally. when someone uses that figure they plan to cover them with insurance and you'll pay for it. the truth is, there are only 5 million truly uninsured people just can't get it. some could get it but they don't use their money on it they would rather use it on a chart or maybe a vacation. some just haven't filled out the april work to get the insurance program that they qualify for.
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i'm not sure why we think they will fill out the paperwork for one will create. so there's really about 5 million completely uninsured people. it would make more sense to cover them than it would be to disrupt the entire system for the 91% of americans with insurance who like what they have. jim from court on wants to know, can you tell me how much the healthcare system can observe or how it can absorb 47 million new clients when we're going to need at the rate of 100 patients per doctor, 470,000 doctors. where will they come from? i'm the same blue thin air we will get the money to pay for it. that's where. then this question from paul watched my interview with her presentative loretta sanchez of california last week and says her presentative sanchez says everyone will be required to carry healthcare insurance. how can that be enforced? and the point you to a state, massachusetts, that has attempted this. we require everyone to have it. how could they enforce it question mark truth is they
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don't. some people get it, they will get on it just long enough to get a procedure done at the knee, and then they will go off of it after they've been covered this is one of the fallacies that we have to understand. if people aren't responsible now, they're not likely to suddenly become responsible because we passed a new law. our veterans are recovered by of tri care but chan wants to know how this new government plan affect our military and their dependents, especially our retirees wish mark truthfully, nobody knows. the veterans organizations and individuals about it. what i would suggest is contact the american legion, the vfw, other veterans organizations were carefully monitoring it or get we don't think it will affect the benefits of the terri personnel, active or retired but we simply don't know. there are facets was a stunning icon and she later inspired us
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with your brave battle against cancer. but fewer people knew the person behind the public image better than her best friend, lns stewart shares her journey with her and that's coming up next. stay witititititith itit
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[ applause ] >> mike: just weeks for her untimely death millions of americans watched their faucett battle creek justly with cancer in the emmy nominated document farrah story >> usually after these procedures, farrah wanted to get back to la as soon as possible. the doctors tried to discourage her from flying so some it just happened blackjack, it all of a sudden started burning. >> you want me to inject you. >> yes oh my god.
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smack is it getting better? it's a lot better. >> maybe you are right. i will never say i told you so. you're a stubborn little girl. >> mike: what a journey indeed. farrah best friend who spent the last six years supporting her friend and found the documentary tells us what the tabloids would not tell you about their faucett please look up a lot of storage. >> it's great to be here. [ applause ] >> mike: you have just completed a book called my journey with farrah my story of life love and friendship. just out. already you're getting criticized. people are saying you're just exporting your friendship with farrah. that's not what happened. i read the book. this is a touching story of two tell me why you did the
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documentary, and the book. >> the documentary was originally not meant to be a documentary. we were in germany when we first got there farrah handed me her camera and said we've come this doctors meeting site remember what they say. i said i don't know how to film anything. and she showed me, it's really easy. so we started filming it all just to document, for her, so she could remember things. and then i think it was maybe nine months into it all, she made a decision to let it become a documentary, because she said to the doctor one day in germany , she said you know, i am glad that i have cancer. the doctor said wide? she said now i know i can make a difference. she had gotten so many letters of support from so many people and people thanking her as well heard and she said you know, i really feel like i can make difference.
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i have a message to get out and she wanted people to know or about alternative methods of treatment, and mainly she wanted to say don't give up, keep on fighting this that's what she did. she was amazingly resilient. she had incredible faith and determination and strength. and at the same time, she created a foundation, the farrah faucett foundation for cancer research and part of the proceeds of the book will go there. it was a very important cause to her. if she was client to have cancer, she decided she would use it to help people, and she did speak and she wanted her story to be told, didn't she there was more to her than this glamorous figure that so many people knew her to be. they maybe didn't know that behind that beautiful or sauna was a beautiful person inside who was struggling with a disease that so many people have had to face either personally or through her families. was that what made her want to get this story out both with the
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film as well as the diary which in essence the book is a diary of your journey with farrah. >> these are my diaries of that. we went through. many of which i read to her. it was originally her idea for me to do the book. she wanted to get the message out there. she wanted to help other people. the book comes from my point of view, from the person that's with someone. it's about our friendship and our bond, and you know this experience with her was in a way my gift to her because i can give her my time and my love and my support, but it ended up being such a gift to me because i had never been through anything like this in my life. i've never been that person walking through that experience with someone who unfortunately eventually died. when the documentary -- when we were filming, we thought she would find a cure for her cancer
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when i was writing these diaries i thought she was going to be a life. >> mike: there were many chapters i read it that would be doctors would give you hope and you just have your spirit all posted and would come a terrible report. it was this difficult struggle that so many people, i think, experience and that it was a roller coaster. just up and down. and the person that's going through it with you, you have to be strong for that person. you're all going to go through this at one point in our life if we haven't already. we will go through it with a parent or a mentor someone. and it is an experience i had never been through, because my parents both died suddenly. and it was just -- it was an incredibly wonderful experience in one way, because she is an incredible person. she had an incredible spirit, a sense of humor. i hope this book is not only hiv to her and her courage, but a celebration of her.
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>> mike: it is certainly a celebration of her and then incredible friendship and we'll talk about it when we come back. i want to ask you about a powerful part of her story that we will get too. i think this will be important as we talk about the importance of the opera scene and their
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>> mike: we're back with my story. one of the issues people are talking about but the whole health care reform is the issue of patient privacy. people are afraid and i must confess i am. i don't want the government to have information about everything in my life including my health records. the reason that's important topic is because farrah header
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privacy violated in one of the most obscene ways. people got into her patient records and leaked them to the tabloids. that's unconscionable to me that someone would do that two another person. she is already suffering from cancer than a violator even more leaking out the tabloid press who put out all kinds of hideous things about her. >> it was a horrifying thing to her. she could not understand why she would go to the doctor, she would have a test and three days later it would be in the inquirer. i said to her one day, it has to be coming out of the hospital. because they all have access to your files in there. it is somebody working there. so she went to the doctor. she had a test. she didn't tell anyone not be not anyone to reduce literature enough there it was on the front pages. and eventually they started an investigation, they did find someone working there who is accessing her private records and assignment to this tabloid.
11:25 pm
>> mike: good heavens t-mac that's horrible. >> mike: it is horrible t-mac because of her fight, she was fighting cancer but farrah was a fighter and she thought against this too and because of that laws were changed in california about patient privacy. >> mike: one thing that comes through in the book is really her current her sense of fight. there's a lot of old texas girl in farrah that comes through. you are both texans. i almost see the image of the alamo in the book with both of you but the apparatus he and we just looked at some scenes over our conversation here, chasing her down when she was coming in and out of the hospital, just not giving her any sense of dignity and some space. that had to be. difficult for her. >> it was terrible. i told a story in the book, i wasn't there but she called me right after, she came out of the ucla down in the basement they were trying to hide her to get
11:26 pm
her car and there was an suv with paparazzi and video cameras and everything. she had just come out of radiation, and they had wheeled her down. she was very weak. she went over to the car and she said what are you doing was to mark does this make you feel good or smart and she actually tried to read the camera away from the guy. she couldn't get the camera cheap punched him in the arm. i said farrah what if this guy sues you? she said let's assume a woman coming out of radiation. she was a spitfire. i said you go, girl. >> mike: it is disturbing to us to see that people are not giving her treatment as a human being. she is a celebrity, cultural icon, but she is a human being. she is someone's daughter, someone's mother, and the fact that she was given that kind of disrespect is something i hope nobody else has to endure. i think one thing your book does is to point out a very human side of a celebrity, and so many
11:27 pm
times people forget that. thank you very much for sharing this story and this magnificent book, my journey with farrah. i hope people who want an honest assessment of what it is like to be on the other side of the celebrity life but also the battle with cancer, will read this book and find the same encouragement i did when i read it and i thank you so much. it's been a pleasure. >> mike: coming up, two florida school officials led a prayer at a dinner for boosters of a school field house. now they might end up in the big house. why and how? why and how? we will ask their counsel
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oh, thank you. you're welcome. what a nice young man; my goodness. >> this is america's news headquarters. i am lauren sivan. a developing story out of florida where the outer rim of tropical storm claudette is drenching the gulf coast. the storm will not make land fall until morning. draw claudette is packing winds at 50 miles an hour. it may not bring as much flooding or wind damage as earlier feared. kuwaiti officials are considering new restrictions after a wedding tent fire killed 41 men and women. they crushed one another in a desperate attempt to escape through an only exit.
11:31 pm
all of them were women and children because men attend a separate party. they include a ban on children at parties. i am lauren sivan. now let's head back to huckabee on the fox news channel. to huckabee only right here on fox. >> mike: when you think activity, what do you think of mark berger, assault, theft, of course. ever thought about crittle activity being prayer? does that sound absurd russian ark not to the american civil liberties union. they have raised a complaint that is amazingly charged the principal and athletic trigger of a florida high school with a crime for saying grace during a dinner on school grounds. has the aclu gone too far? let's ask the founder of the liberty counsel matt stater was for presenting the two men. that's, when i heard this story, i was just stunned. unbelievable.
11:32 pm
he represented two guys, one is a principal and one and athletic director. frame briefly the story for us tonight that starts in 2008 when the aclu to national fund-raising campaign up $300 million and they said they would increase their resources in several key states including florida. right after that they filed a lawsuit against the santa rosa or -- santa rosa school in the panhandle sang some officials endorsed religion. part of that so-called endorsing religion was on an afterschool student club to meet on campus that was religious. if they had not they would violate the first amendment and federal equal access act. what happened is the principal, frank lee, a principal for 30 years and athletic trigger almost four years, they were at it was to club honorary he quit, where they were honoring the private individuals from the community for contributing foreign athletic field house. >> mike: a bunch of adults. >> there were no children invited to this event.
11:33 pm
there were just a few school employees and the rest were individuals who attributed to the athletic boosters club. principal leg simply asked the athletic tractor, would you bless the meal. the athletic tractor set a very innocuous general short lesson for the meal. all of a sudden now there are targets of criminal contempt. the penalty of which is $5000 in fines and up to six years in prison. we at liberty counsel are depending over them in september but the other thing that just recently happened is if you are charged with some kind of gridlock to be, you then have your retirement benefits and best to get it. so because they are charged with criminal activity, one of which is one year from retiring, they now got a letter from the state board of retirement inquiring about this activity. if they are convicted in september, literally 30 and 40 years of work and retirement will fly out the window.
11:34 pm
>> mike: let's make sure everybody understands because this is unbelievable. what they did is they prayed over a male in front of some adults at a booster club meeting, and for this they could go to jail for several years. we asked the aclu to either send a representative or a statement. he refused to do either. this morning on "fox & friends" i've had opportunity to hear from a guy i think they're called reckons united for separation of church and state i call them americans united for separation of brain and body, but rob, from that organization said this. symantec talk to an attorney about in there were students of both. >> what's the big harm here is mark smith out to you what the harm is governor. what you're angry about is the fact that people are standing up and saying we are tired of using our public schools and institutions to promote a specific type of conservative christianity. >> mike: first of all i wasn't angry about. i'm not angry at him i shall start for the god that that's obvious to do with his life is going around worried someone
11:35 pm
might say a prayer over their food. but what does make me angry is that the constitutional rights of americans are being trampled on. matt, is it possible that in the united states of america, a school official could actually go to jail, have a karma case against him like this russian ark stupak unbelievably it is. i know rob and i respect them but there were no students at this event. they were in a different area preparing a meal or the people in the cafeteria. >> mike: that primitive drifted off to them that they may have been on the school property but they were not in the vicinity of this prayer. >> mike: really endangering the skids subject of prayer and the next room. >> literally it is a prayer over a meal and it's because the rents of all asked the protector that was the principle that trade was the athletic tractor, but didn't think anything about this that now, they were the subject of a criminal contempt. these are people who are honorable, they've given 30 and 40 years of their lives. they love their students.
11:36 pm
the people in the county have rallied around this individual because they are outraged that they could pay $5000 in fines, spend up to six months in jail, and not potentially lose their retirement benefits that they worked 30 and 40 years for simply for a short blessing that many of us do over a meal. but that's in fact the aclu agenda in this case and that's why we are vigorously defending these individuals. this would be a travesty to their free speech. but for a simple prayer that the spend time in jail. what happens if some student work to sneeze, and the principal work is that god bless you. are they going to be jailed without. >> mike: you are under arrest, we will tasered. obtect is clear. it would not bother me to the student or a pencil gotten some of my muslim want to say my prayer. i'm fine with that. i want there to be a clear understanding that the first amendment has two problems. you cannot prefer one religion
11:37 pm
over another and you cannot credit someone in the practice of their religion. the first amendment restricted government not people. we are out of time but let me ask you this, we keep this up with this case so we can follow up and continue to let the people on her show note and the rest of america know, does this case needs attention. what can people do if they want more information? check out our liberty counsel website, lc .org. we will keep you up-to-date with regards to the issues in this case. this is a closely watched case. we will ever -- were her sleep defended personal and athletic trekker but it's for more information see can be careful when you pray, big brother is watching. unbelievable story. ongoing low. coming up at the age of 17, he sailed around the world all by himself. what was his mother thinking letting them do this? she is here too. we'll talk to them when they
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>> mike: tv people would've said to you if you told them when you're a teenager that you wanted to sail around the world by yourself, and what would your mother say if you told her that. my next guest did it. he is now 17, the youngest person to sail solo around the entire globe, a feat that wasn't always a very smooth ride. >> i'm out here about to go through this massive squall. it's really huge. it's on the radar. it's huge, and it is coming up real fast year. it is one of the biggest squalls i've seen. i got the boom in the water.
11:42 pm
it is pretty crazy right now. it's been pouring rain for like five minutes. but barring is like filling out the cockpit water getting everywhere. the whole boat got soaked and five seconds. >> mike: please welcome 17-year-old sailor sex island and his mom, marianne. welcome, great to have you guys here. i heard this story i thought you got to be kidding me. a kid takes off, he is 16, makes the true around the world by himself when you're filming yourself there to make people and camping. >> mike: what on earth were you thinking when you decided to sail around the world. >> i love adventure and the whole seven thanks for that kind of worked out for me there. >> mike: that isn't forwarding adventurous enough to schumer you realize -- i don't know if people do -- fewer people have sailed around the world, solo, that have gone into space, or that have climbed mount evers.
11:43 pm
you are part of a very small minority, except he did it at age 16 when you started. the youngest ever to do it. was that part of the whole i got to do this to just find out what's inside of me which mark. >> a little bit. i wanted to get out there and experience the oceans of the world. i've been saving my whole life. i've lived on boats nine years traveled about 15,000 seat miles before i set off, so i was a sailor that's what i did. this is a way to get out and have an adventure with it. it was a crazy 13 months at sea. >> mike: every mom out there is saying mom, your kid comes he wants to take a trip round the world you're thinking okay. he says i want to do it in a boat by himself, what were you thinking? >> it's kind of funny because first of all we pray for zach to have a passion for something. he traveled a lot as a kid. he was ahead in school. he had done sports, he was just itching for something.
11:44 pm
and when he actually came to us with the idea, that wasn't shocking at all it was more like oh yes, you could do that. what book would you use and how would you find it. after he asked a few people to get on the boat and they said no, he did some math and said i could be the youngest, and i could get a sponsor. so that's kind of how that came to pass. >> mike: you have to be worried sick. fifteen months he is out there. >> there were definitely low points. modern technology makes it so much easier to communicate both with each other and with rescue type places. so we knew he had the best equipment. my husband is a shipwreck. he ducked his boat out with everything conceivable, but we knew it was god's plan for him. we prayed about it everything fell in place so that there is a certain peace that comes from knowing that and he was -- he was faithful. because here it is.
11:45 pm
>> mike: it was not just an adventure but a scriptural journey as well which mark. >> yes. you pray so much more in the middle of a storm. >> mike: i hope he didn't get arrested. don't do it on the shores of the united states might get arrested. >> exactly. >> mike: international waters is okay. >> have to be carefully stays. that's weird stuff. >> mike: sack, i'm totally amazed he would do something like this. you had to see the world like you. you came into a port did people say where are your parents? did that happen? >> not coming to a port but was pulled over by the american coast guard, like the home town of event two weeks before it got into port did only over? or work and question me when i say i'm 17 there like do your parents know you're out here? how long have you been out? i've been gone for 13 months and actually do. so thanks be tended to have wide eyes you are out there doing that i don't think they believed
11:46 pm
me. >> mike: what's your favorite sport? what did you enjoy seeing most on this around the world journey back its hard to say one port but i had fun and south africa, cape town. amazing town great people and crazy environment there. but as far as i am in school i would say this killing was amazing off australia. it's the sandy surfing i wonder i had fun. >> mike: what's next? he sailed around the world at 16. what can you do to top this should mark synagogue looked into evers to little bit and about 250-300 people, the year. i'm not sure. they be dirt biking on kiddy porn just getting on from thousand oaks california and going right on the coast. >> mike: if you want to do something dangerous i got a suggestion for you, run for political office. there is the danger. what a wonderful story. i am inspired by it. i think you and marianne a few for just believing in your son.
11:47 pm
that's the story. he believed in him you trusted him and he fulfilled your trust. a great family story. delighted to have both of you here. thank you. [ applause ] - hi, i'm halle berry, and as a new mom, i can tell you that childhood is a magical time. but for children with diabetes, life is not quite so carefree. the barbara davis center for childhood diabetes is fighting hard to find a cure. know the signs: irritability, excessive urination, weight loss. if you have any of these signs, please call your doctor. early detection can save your life. give to save lives and reach for the cure. call now or log on to
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>> mike: he has played lead guitar for the biggest names in the business including alice presley, frank sinatra and johnny cash and his famous risk and be heard on numerous records. on august 22 he will break a different kind of record the world mark for the most part players playing the same song at the same time. please welcome the legendary james burton. but i'm back. thank you. >> mike: good to have you back. >> mike: nice to be back.
11:51 pm
>> mike: when someone is lying to come back you feel honored so we feel great that you are willing to come back. let's talk about what will happen a week from now on august august 22, the james burton guitar festival. >> august 22 i'm doing my fourth show in shreveport, louisiana, and we are going for the guinness book of world records that afternoon with the most guitar players in the same song at the same time. >> mike: how many qatar players to need there to be the record. >> it will be over 2000. the record now is about 2003 and we will go for triple that. >> mike: anyone within driving distance or find a sense of shreveport, to go to your website and register and be there. if i'm a guitar player getting anywhere near there i want to be there and be part of it. how do they sign up or should mark an x. i have on my website james burton >> mike: on not only show up with their guitars but that's where you will announce this
11:52 pm
week some of the really major artists that will be with you. susan just playing the guitar it will be hearing some of the greatest music in america that we have some incredible guests, and i'm really excited about it, and that night we will have a wonderful show. i want to invite all the guitar players to come and be part of the guinness book of records and state for the great show. >> mike: there's something else important for people to know. what you do with this festival is not just say come play guitar break the record, but the proceeds that you're doing to your foundation helping kids. >> strictly benefits the kids. we buy guitars, and we were able to get music back in schools and have the teachers teaching kids with a daily class because that's one of my passions to put a musical instrument in the hands of every kid in america. we have been signing this guitar to have around and we're about ready to option about where to get another one and start signing it. >> i think i know where we have one. you brought me when didn't you
11:53 pm
this is not just any guitar this is a james burton specially made them dirt telecaster and james donated to us and what will happen is we will get that guitar signed by every artist that comes on the show in the next few months. it will be on ebay and all the proceeds will be able to go to putting musical instruments in the hands of kids. thank you to make thank you, governor. thank you speech on august 22 in shreveport, louisiana, james burton, if you are a guitar player, even if you're not good, be part of something extraordinary. the festival breaking the record and our show will send a camera there and just make sure that this happens so we will be watching with james on the 22nd for that to happen. he didn't have a just a talk he came to play didn't you? but let's play with. >> mike: lets knock one out syndicates before it anniversary of elvis who want to play attribute to him so we should do how dog speech and what better way to do it.
11:54 pm
cinema code you ain't nothing but a hound dog paco crying all the time local you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ ♪ crying all the time book a beauty and never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine buckroe they said you are high-class ♪ ♪ that was just a lie. they said he was high-class ♪ ♪ but that was just a lie buckroe will you ain't never caught a rabbit ♪ ♪ and uk no friend of mine ♪ cinema code you ain't nothing but a hound dog crying all the time ♪ ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound
11:55 pm
dog poco crying all the time but cope you ain't never caught a rabbit ♪ ♪ and you ain't no friend of mine. ♪ >> mike: james burton and joining us today his grandchildren. we have skylar and tailor a guitars. if you wondered who these guys were. they are not "little rockers" yet but they're going to be and we're so glad to have him with us. we'll be right back with more. go galway.
11:56 pm
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and a reminder also, at you can quick on the huckabee report -- click on the huckabee report and find out where to hear daily commentary on 5060 radio stations across america, five days a week three times a day. well, i think you know music has been a big part of the show since the debut. we feature amateur musicians who work day jobs at the fox news channel and they're also part of the little rockers. we have some of the greatest artists of our time who join us in a musical equivalent of pro-am musical each week. why do we do that? music a civilizing force and it's been an important part of my life. one of my personal projects is to put musical instruments
11:59 pm
in the hands of kids. in the coming weeks we'll tell you about very exciting ways that you can help us do that. on today's show we've been fortunate to welcome back james burton, legendary guitarist who played with elvis presley among others. this is also the weekend that marks the 32nd anniversary of the death of elvis. this week also marks the death of les paul. who was an innovator of the solid body electric guitar. he designed perhaps one of the most famousgy for as of all time, the les paul. he also invented multi-track recording. suffice to say his influence on music and recording are as significant as any in the world. up until this week, the week of his death at age 94, he continued to play every monday night at a local club, just about two blocks from this very studio. and les paul and i and elvis, we all have something in common beyond music. we're fellow from the south kapsa epsa fraternity. i cse


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